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About the spaceship

Why we're reaching the next galaxy

Who We Are

Boys and girls who like building online ventures. We enjoy coming up with simple solutions for complex problems.

Before Spaceship, we were building rentomato, a smart tool that automates and simplifies renting for both landlords and tenants. And before that, we were building something else. And that has been the case for as long as we can remember :)

Why Spaceship?

Like every start-up, we encounter many smaller and larger challenges throughout our journey. One of the biggest challenges we were facing in every start-up we were growing - is lead generation.

And we've decided to solve it once and for all! So you can save time and focus on closing deals.

Nestpick (June, 2014)

On a mission to change how students, expats and youngsters all around the world rent their new home.

spaceship start
spaceship in berlin

Move to Berlin (November, 2014)

Rocket-Internet acquires nestpick and we move to Berlin. This is also when we realize that some people build rockets, but we want to build spaceships.

Space launch (October, 2015)

We launch Spaceship to help companies all around the world hack lead generation and scale.

spaceship launch